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Agilitas Learning at HR Summit Asia 2018 :Transforming Learning for the Digital Age

This year Agilitas Learning focus was on Transforming Corporate Learning for the Digital Age..

Great discussions and insights sharing with HR/L&D collaborators and practitioners..

Key challenges for HR still seems to be focused on how HR needs to evolve in the Digital Age and simultaneously lead the Digital transformation in the organisation...

From a Learning standpoint see a spike in interest in organisations exploring to take corporate learning towards digital and collaborative with renewed focus in Mixed Reality thoughts for organisations is to take a more holistic approach and redefine the Learning Experience Ecosystem..

One of the high note for Agilitas Learning is seeing our Augmented reality learning app showcased using a AP demo on howl to make a good cuppa coffee and the Virtual reality learning solutions gaining traction and interest in exploring how learning can evolve with in the Digital Age...

Kudos to our Partners Hiverlab and Overlay Technologies.EndFragment

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