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Bala Murali 

Founder and Learning Architect


Bala Murali is a HRD practitioner and business leader with 25 years of experience in the field of Learning, Performance and Organizational Development.


Bala Murali has worked in and lead HRD and L&D business functions at senior management levels regionally and globally for top technology companies like Motorola, Nokia and Microsoft.


Since starting his own Learning consultancy, Bala has worked with MNCS and SOEs in the Insurance, Petrochemical, Building, Railway, Banking, Medical and Electronics Industries across UK, APAC,US and MEA in training, providing consultancy and in solution provider capacity focused in Organizational and workforce transformation ,leadership development ,Digital Transformation and Learning Organisation setup for the Digital Age.  .


Bala is an  ACTA certified and ACLP qualified trainer and works with SMEs and Training Institutions to integrate and support the  SSG SkillsFuture movement on Workforce Transformation.


One of Bala’s current focus is collaborating with institutions, organizations and thought leaders in the Digital Transformation of learning and people development .


He is a sort after speaker and has shared on the transformation of learning and workforce development for the Digital age in various conferences and events.



Bala  is the founder and chair of the Digital Learning Community of Practice Network in Singapore which now consists of around 40 HR and L&D leaders from various institutions, government bodies, MNCs and SMCs.

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James Siew

Partner Consultant 


An Organizational Development practitioner and Sustainability Advocate with over 20 years of experience in the field of Learning, Performance and Organizational Development.


James Siew has been a learning and organizational development practitioner and consultant for close to 25 years. He has held various corporate and consulting roles in human capital development, learning & organization development in industries such as IT, logistics, finance, electronics manufacturing, distribution and management consulting. 


James has a special interest in leadership development, culture transformation and sustainability management, and has led consulting projects in strategic leadership development, culture change, talent management, performance management and human capital development best practices.


His rich and diverse corporate experience with leading MNCs as well as GLCs in both Singapore and across APAC and even Europe and the Americas has enriched his understanding of how people work across cultures.


With both substantial experience in internal HR roles and external consulting roles, James has also been able to link the business agenda and people agenda when developing solutions.


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