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Wed, 13 Apr



Future Leader Webinar Series on : “Sustainability and the Future Leader”

“Solving Today’s Problems with Tomorrow’s Capabilities”

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Future Leader Webinar Series on :  “Sustainability and the Future Leader”
Future Leader Webinar Series on :  “Sustainability and the Future Leader”

Time & Location

13 Apr 2022, 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm SGT


About The Event

Future Leader Webinar Series on : “Sustainability and the Future Leader”

“Solving Today’s Problems with Tomorrow’s Capabilities”

The Why..

The entire world is going through the most challenging global pandemic in a hundred years. Leaders are dealing with many unknown variables and facing an uncertain future. The COVID-19 pandemic has also created a disruption with lasting effects. This period of extreme stress also creates an opportunity for leaders and managers to unlearn and relearn critical skills and to act in very unfamiliar conditions. For some organizations the COVID-19 might create opportunities to change its core business, aligned to Sustainable Management practices. Organizations that successfully integrate sustainability management practices are essentially making money in responsible ways as we move into this New Normal.

The What..

What is Sustainability Management anyway? Future leaders must wake up to the fact that they must adopt new ways of working. Future leaders must embrace sustainability—this means they must seek to deliver outcomes that maximize value across the so-called ‘triple bottom line’ (Planet, People, Profit) to ensure future generations have the same opportunities that we currently enjoy. In many ways, future leaders have no choice. We are seeing a shift to a new capitalistic model, where organizations need to embrace more responsible ways of making money! Organizations that want to thrive in the Neo-Capitalist Era need to see how their core business link to and support one or more of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), put forth by the United Nations in Adopting and adapting best practices in sustainable leadership and sustainable business/ organizational operations will enable the future leader to create new value throughout the entire value chain and this in turn will differentiate their organization from others.

The How…

Being a future leader is really about balancing three critical roles to support any organization’s transition into such a 21st Century organization: Business Management, Strategic Leadership, and People Development. One of these roles focuses on the here and now. The other two are future-oriented. Future leaders also need to cultivate the 9 mindsets and skills required to build resilience, enhance influence and cultivate a different kind of innovation to meet the challenges of this new world.

What is covered : Macro Themes

  • Disruption and the emergence of a Neo-Capitalist Era
  • Why conventional Business Continuity Plans and Corporate Social Responsibility      initiatives are simply not enough
  • The 17 Sustainable Development Goals and how it can align to any organization’s      core business
  • The ‘Triple Bottom Line’ and why it is important for any organization
  • Welcometo the 21st Century: Digital Transformation and the Future      Leader, a natural synergy

Duration : This is an overview session of a 2 day program.

Webinar Sessions

Session One : 13thApril 2002  Time: 7-8.30pm (GMT+80M Singapore time)

The Future Leader

  • Meet the Future Leader: Balancing three critical leadership roles (J. Siew)
  • Leadership trends: Remote Management, Remote Hiring, the Hybrid Workplace
  • The Six Principles of Sustainable Leadership (A. Taylor)

Sustainable Leadership Skills

  • The New Skills the world is looking for in the 21st century
  • Going Glocal: Thinking global and acting local
  • Cultivating  the 9 mindsets and skills of a Future Leader (J. Morgan)
  • Leading Self versus Leading Others against a Future and Sustainable Context
  • Challenges  facing sustainable future leaders … and how to manage them

Session Two : 20thApril 2002 Time: 7-8.30pm (GMT+80M Singapore time)

Sustainable Organizations: Creating Sustainable Business Operations

  • Why embrace Sustainability as a strategic level and operational  differentiator?
  • Identify the relevant levers for incorporating sustainability as an organizational  capability
  • Creating new business capabilities and addressing ROI on sustainable efforts
  • Enhancing  strategy and execution as a sustainable organization
  • Leading  sustainable change throughout the supply chain
  • Building  a case for change…

About the Facilitator

James Siew

James Siew is an organizational development futurist, with over 25 years of global experience in transformative solutions that enhance human capital development, and organizational performance. He has embraced sustainability management as a natural extension of his work in organizational development. He is the creator of The Future LeaderTM which is a 21st Century-oriented leadership development framework designed to address current issues while prepare for future-proof possibilities. James has given webinars in sustainability management and the “future of work” based on his research conducted through the University of Waterloo and University of Toronto in Canada, where he is currently based. He currently lectures on sustainable leadership and sustainable business operations at Conestoga College in Canada. James advocates “applying tomorrow’s solutions for today’s problems”.

If of  interest feel free to register with us.

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