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Our Approach and Services

...we take a business and performance consulting approach in enabling business transformation for the Digital Future...

...from awareness building/education thru to  business needs analysis , capability development , deployment and delivery of solutions and follow-on support and services...


...our organisational and people capability development is always build on a social collaborative and digital first approach ...

L&D Consultancy &
DX Transformation

Pedestrians from an Ariel View
  • Leadership Development : building the capabilities of the Future leader 

  • Performance Capability Development

  • Digital Transformation of Workplace and Workforce   

  • Digital Learning Organisation@Digital Learning Experience Ecosystem Transformation   

Business Meeting

Capability Developmental Framework

..structured approach in identifying,developing,qualifying and growing the capability for the Digital Age 

Competency framework.png

Delivery & Accreditation

  • Learning Academy Programs

  • Future Leader Program ​​

  • Future Workforce Program 

  • Future of Learning 

  • Virtual Classroom Trainer Accreditation

  • ​Competency assessment and Performance audits

  • Customised Training Delivery: 

  • Retail and Sales ​

  • Customer Experience and Services


  • Extended Reality (AR/VR/MR) Enterprise Solutions in workplace

  • Immersive Learning Solutions

    • Virtual Reality Learning

    • Augmented Reality Learning

    • Mixed Reality Learning 

  • Learning Experience platform Integration


  • Mobile Learning Solutions and platform integration

  • Learning Content development

    • Facilitated  workshops

    • E-learnings/M-Learning

Learning Solutions Development

Glass Buildings


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