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Accelerating adoption of XR in Manufacturing : Sharing by Lenovo Agilitas Learning continues building awareness and enables adoption of XR in industry ...

its always a great joy when we have technology leaders, industry players and institutions come together to help companies navigate their exploration and journey in their digital transformation efforts thru sharing of future trends, real world use cases (that has translated to addressing business outcomes/ challenges) and showcasing and experiencing the solutions ..

Thanks to Lenovo Singapore , XR Thinkreality team Bon Teh for hosting the "Accelerating adoption of XR In Manufacturing Sharing"session along with collaboration from Uptale - Immersive Learning - Immersive Learning,Taqtile and @NTUC e2i.

As shared while there is a marked interest and drive towards Industrial Metaverse and impact of A.I ... companies need to recognise they need to start by understating what that means, what are the building blocks ,capabilities required and being realistic in taking a scaffolded approach that builds on the need of the company short-term and long term goals ( Moving from Digitization to Digital Transformation) rather than going for the latest and greatest solution...

Looking forward to furthering the collaboration with the industry in the coming months.

To learn more or engage in exploring adoption of XR feel free to reach out to Agilitas Learning


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