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Future of Workforce Engagement Using XR :Key Sharing

Key sharing by Bala Murali (Managing Director and Learning Architect, Agilitas Learning ) at the 3rd Asia HR Digital Conference organized by PT INTIPESAN PARIWARA on the Future of Workforce Engagement Using XR.

Key Sharing:

· For XR to succeed in the workplace, HR has to take an active role in driving it as an Organizational Development (Digital Transformation efforts) approach or as a business partner in supporting their business process improvement initiatives.

· In either approach to be effective, HR has to have a relatively good understanding of what XR is, why XR and the value proposition of XR in the workplace and organization.

· While XR tools and technologies are solutions , Workforce and Workplace readiness is critical in the process of deploying XR for workforce engagement.

· Trends: Workforce Engagement Using XR has seen an accelerated adoption in Remote/Virtual collaboration/engagement applications, Workplace deskless operations and Workforce skill-building.

· There is a plethora of XR solutions out there, so do your homework well and identify a solution or mixed solutions that is fit for purpose. Latest and greatest does not always mean fit for purpose.

· Finally take a scaffolded approach in deploying XR in the workplace: Digitilisation to Digitization to Digital Transformation.


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